Our Mission

The Patriot Vision

The Patriot aspires to provide a golf-centric sanctuary for local and national members who are passionate about the game, appreciate its history and traditions, and are drawn to the Club's unique setting and deep sense of Patriotism.

Though the Club's core focus is providing members with an exceptional and purpose-driven golf experience, The Patriot combines the amenities of lodging and dining to further enhance its distinctive environment.

Central to our mission is our desire to be a refuge from daily life, a place of tranquility that promotes reflection on that which is most important. This is best exemplified at 1300 hours, when activity stops at The Patriot to honor those who sacrifice on our behalf.

At The Patriot we strive to provide best in class service, with a culture rich in purpose, for those who choose to be Patriots.

Become a Part of something special

At The Patriot Golf Club it’s more than just a membership, its about building lasting friendships and celebrating families, our country and the game of golf. The Patriot has come to set the standard for which other country club communities aspire to achieve.

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